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Disclosure Policy

Society Disclosure of Relationships

The Heart Rhythm Society (the Society or HRS) is committed to upholding the highest ethical values and encouraging professional and principled behavior by its staff and volunteers. As part of commitment to transparency and accountability, and to attain the highest standards of excellence, HRS requires disclosure of relationships to maintain independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor in all activities.

The Code of Ethics and Professionalism outlines the requirements that all individuals engaged in HRS-related activities must disclose and manage ALL financial relationships from while engaged in Society activities. The types and description of relationships requiring disclosure are summarized in Table 1. Disclosure statements (completed online) are filed and/or updated at the time of consideration for participation in any Society activity, and at least annually, by volunteers and staff.

ACE Oversight

HRS maintains a Code of Ethics and Professionalism, an Ethics Committee, the Accreditation & Assessment Committee (under the Education Council) that oversee implementation of the ACE Disclosure Policy and the Conflict of Interest (COI) Resolution policy to safeguard the credibility and reputation of the Society. 

ACE Disclosure Policy

ACE COI Resolution Policy

Disclaimer: Heart Rhythm 2024 provides a forum for the open exchange and discussion of research results and scientific advances in the field of cardiovascular pacing and electrophysiology’ however, the Society makes no representation or warranty as to the truth, originality, or accuracy of the information presented or in materials distributed in connection with the annual meeting. Nor are the views expressed by the individual speakers necessarily the views of the Society. The Heart Rhythm Society supports the ACCME’s policy on evidence-based content and encourages faculty to adhere to these standards when planning a presentation.

Disclosure of Faculty's Financial Relationships: It is the policy of the Heart Rhythm Society to ensure balance, independent objectivity, and scientific rigor in all of its certified educational activities. Everyone involved in the planning and participation of accredited continuing education activities is required to disclose all financial relationships held within the preceding 24 months. In accordance with the ACCME’s Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education, the Society has implemented a mechanism to identify and mitigate any financial relationships deemed relevant prior to delivering the educational activity to learners. Detailed disclosure information will be available prior to the activity and in the activity slides.