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Call for Late-Breaking Clinical Trials and Science (Closed)

The Heart Rhythm Society recognizes that stimulating and rapidly developing research was not completed in time for the December 2022 abstract submission deadline. To highlight this timely innovative work at Heart Rhythm 2023, the Heart Rhythm Program Committee will develop peer-reviewed sessions consisting of late-breaking science and late-breaking clinical trials.


  1. Late-Breaking Randomized Clinical Trials: First-time presentation of primary or major secondary results from a prospective, randomized clinical trial
  2. Late-Breaking Clinical Innovations: First-time presentation of results of clinical applications of novel therapeutic or diagnostic approaches to heart rhythm disorders
  3. Late-Breaking Clinical Trial Updates and Registries: Follow-up analyses from prospective, randomized clinical trials or first-time presentation of high-impact information from multicenter clinical registries or observational studies
  4. Late-Breaking Science: Innovative research that includes the latest breakthroughs in basic and/or clinical science that could have a significant impact on clinical practice

Benefits of Presenting

  • Save on Registration: Late Breaking Trials and Science Presenters enjoy a 75% discount on their Heart Rhythm 2023 registration.*

  • Publish Your Science: Accepted submissions will be published in a supplement of the Heart Rhythm Journal, the only academic publication that serves the entire EP community.

  • Advance Your Career: Among the EP community, the annual Heart Rhythm meeting is the recognized forum for showcasing research that will advance the field. Demonstrate your value and the impact of your findings to the audience that matters most to your professional development.

  • Increase Your Visibility:

    • Heart Rhythm 2023 will attract a diverse global audience from physicians and allied professionals to scientists and industry partners. As a selected Late Breaking Trials and Science Presenter, you will have the opportunity to present your findings to thousands of cardiac rhythm professionals from 90+ countries. With opportunities for attendees to watch in person or online via livestreaming, Late Breaking sessions are among the highest-viewed content from the meeting!

    • Additionally, you will be able to extend your reach via far-reaching media buzz. Heart Rhythm 2022 generated hundreds of millions of impressions worldwide via media outlets and social media.

*Already registered? If your late-breaking abstract is selected for presentation, HRS will automatically refund the difference in your registration fees. If you are not registered at the time of being selected to present, your discount will automatically be applied at checkout when you register.

Submission Fees

Each late-breaking abstract submission requires a fee of $175 for HRS members and $250 for nonmembers. These submission fees directly fund travel grants to sponsor EP fellows-in-training from around the globe so they can attend Heart Rhythm 2023 in person, and support enhancements to the presentation of abstracts during the meeting.

Submission Eligibility

Late Breaking abstracts are not eligible if:

  • Already accepted for Heart Rhythm 2023
  • Manuscript will be published prior to Heart Rhythm 2023 (May 19 - 21, 2023)
  • Trial results have been presented at a major international meeting prior to Heart Rhythm 2023
  • Appear to be redundant versions of a single study and/or selling a product versus discussing the science

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Impact of the research
  2. Novelty and rigor of the study design
  3. Clinical endpoints
  4. Quality of the statistical plan