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Rhythm Theaters


The always-popular Rhythm Theaters provide valuable opportunities to learn from EP opinion leaders about new technologies and therapies developed using the latest clinical information and innovations.

Rhythm Theater presentations are NOT approved for accredited continuing education (ACE) credit.

How to Attend/Watch

In-Person: Exhibit Hall, BCEC Halls A & B1

Bring a digital device (e.g., laptop, tablet, or smartphone) so you can participate in live polls and Q&A!

On-Demand: #HRS2024 Online Platform

Registered attendees may also watch Rhythm Theater presentations on demand within 1 hour of their initial presentation in Boston.


Friday, May 17

Prevention, Identification and Management of CIED Infections

Disrupting the Rhythm: Next advancement in Pulse Field Ablation

Why We Moved to a Moderate Sedation/3D ICE LAAO Program: Panel Discussion Followed by Live Case

The Future of AI Implementation in AF Ablation Procedures

Lead Extraction 2024: Achieving Excellence Beyond Simple Extraction

Defining AV Synchrony in Leadless Pacing

The Future of Care: Leveraging AI for Arrhythmia Localization

Saturday, May 18

See What Matters: Electrographic Flow Mapping for Understanding Atrial Fibrillation Beyond PVI

Enabling Technologies for EP Procedures: Esophageal Cooling & Vascular Closure

Shaping the Future of Cardiac Ablation: How Contact and Waveform Science Enhance PFA's Lesion Durability Through a Variety of Catheter Configurations

CCM® Therapy for Symptomatic Heart Failure: When CRT Isn't an Option

FARAPULSE Pulsed Field Ablation: Exploring the Clinical Evolution and Workflow Flexibility

Revolutionizing Patient Care: Managing AFIB through Innovative Technologies in Modern Healthcare

What’s Trending in Left Atrial Appendage Closure: Advancements in Stroke Prevention

Single Shot PFA Technologies to Treat Persistent and Paroxysmal AF: PulseSelect™ and Affera™ Sphere-360™

Innovations and Emerging Trends in AF Management

Sunday, May 19

The Grey Zone of AF: Intervening in Low Burden, Short Duration Episodes of AF