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Call for Abstract Reviewers

The Heart Rhythm Society invites HRS members to volunteer to serve as abstract reviewers for Heart Rhythm 2024. This peer-review process enables the Heart Rhythm Program Committee to ensure accepted abstracts meet the high standards that attendees have come to expect from the Society's annual Heart Rhythm meeting. Reviewers with all areas of expertise are needed.

Abstract Reviewer Requirements

Reviewers must be available to review abstracts from December 20, 2023 - January 17, 2024. This review period is a tight window; however, it ensures that abstract acceptance notifications occur promptly before the meeting in May 2024.

The Program Committee will select abstract reviewers:

  • Who have an active HRS membership
  • Based on expertise
  • To maximize strength in different areas of expertise
  • Depending on the number of abstract submissions

How to Become an Abstract Reviewer

To ensure reviewers are assigned abstracts within their area of expertise, reviewers will be asked to choose a subtopic within a specific topic area. Reviewers may register for multiple topic areas.

  1. Log in to the ScholarOne Abstract Management Portal with your HRS Profile login credentials.
  2. Click your name in the upper right-hand corner and select General Information.
  3. Scroll down to the question, "Do you want to review submissions that are based on your areas of expertise?
    • Tick Yes.
    • Select your areas of expertise from the list below. If you want to select multiple areas, hold the SHIFT or CONTROL key down as you click
    • Click Add Expertise.
  4. Rank your areas of expertise in order of preference and click Update Expertise Order.
  5. Click Save Changes/Next Session to finalize your updates.