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Heart Rhythm Bowl 2022

Heart Rhythm Bowl 2022, a digital trivia contest, tested attendees' EP and pop culture knowledge against the global EP community.

Check out the 2022 winners! 

  • Individual Winner: Muthiah Subramanian, MD, CCDS

  • Team Winner: Fellows In Training


Top Individual Player

VIP Heart Rhythm 2023 experience, including complimentary registration, hotel suite for four nights (room and tax included), VIP transportation to and from the airport to your hotel, $100 gift card to Arnoud’s Restaurant, and special amenity from New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau

Top 3 Individual Players by Category

Complimentary Heart Rhythm 2023 registration and swag bag

Top Team

2022 Heart Rhythm Bowl 2022 championship t-shirt and HRS swag bag


  • EP on ICE: Intracardiac ultrasound
  • Squiggly Lines: Electrograms
  • Current Events: Cardiac channels
  • Trials and Tribulations: EP trials
  • Pop Culture: A star is born (childhood pictures of celebrities) 
  • Complications: EP-related complications
  • Historical Notes: EP history
  • CIED Cred: CIED tracings and management
  • Dora the Explorer: Activation mapping
  • Defining Moments: Heart Rhythm Society history
  • Captain's Log: Star Wars and Star Trek trivia