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Session Spotlights

Heart Rhythm 2023 will provide the most comprehensive educational program for heart rhythm professionals worldwide, with 200+ enlightening sessions and presentations led by 1,500+ expert Faculty and abstract presenters

Explore some of the meeting’s most anticipated sessions, spanning a wide variety of emerging and controversial topics, and what sessions your peers, Program Committee members, and the #HRS2023 Pace Setters are planning to attend!

You can find these sessions and hundreds more in the #HRS2023 Online Planner, sponsored by Boston Scientific.

Featured Sessions

Late-Breaking Clinical Trials and Science Sessions

Each year, the Late-Breaking Clinical Trials and Science sessions are the best-attended of the meeting, featuring some of the most significant and exciting scientific breakthroughs in the field of EP. Session categories include:

  • Late-Breaking Randomized Clinical Trials: First-time presentation of primary or major secondary results from a prospective, randomized clinical trial
  • Late-Breaking Clinical Innovations: First-time presentation of results of clinical applications of novel therapeutic or diagnostic approaches to heart rhythm disorders
  • Late-Breaking Clinical Trial Updates and Registries: Follow-up analyses from prospective, randomized clinical trials or first-time presentation of high-impact information from multicenter clinical registries or observational studies
  • Late-Breaking Science: Innovative research that includes the latest breakthroughs in basic and/or clinical science that could have a significant impact on clinical practice

Program Committee Top Picks

Program Chair: Kenneth A. Ellenbogen, MD, FHRS

Abstract Chair: Mina K. Chung, MD, FHRS

Ablation Team Lead: Laurent Macle, MD

CIED Team: Roy M. John, MD, PhD, FHRS, CCDS

Clinical EP Team Lead: Cara N. Pellegrini, MD

Digital Health Team: Angelo B. Biviano, MD, MPH

Digital Health Team: Lisa Roelle, PAC

Heart Rhythm 2023 Pace Setters

Under the purview of the HRS Communications Committee, the Heart Rhythm 2023 Pace Setters will provide in-depth coverage on late-breaking abstracts, education sessions, posters, breaking news, cutting-edge advancements showcased in the Exhibit Hall, and more.

This year’s Pace Setters represent all HRS member types, ensuring a wide variety of perspectives, diverse insights, and tangible takeaways applicable to varying roles in the field of EP. Be sure to follow the hashtags #HRS2023 and #2023PaceSetter to track this dynamic group’s commentary.

Bogdan Enache, MD

Brototo Deb, MD

Edmond M. Cronin, MBChB, FHRS, CEPS-A, CCDS

Gareth J. Wynn, MBChB, MD

Jeffrey M. Vinocur, MD, CEPS-P

Kamala P. Tamirisa, MD, FHRS

Mehak Dhande, MD

Mahmoud Elsayed, MD

Nikhil H. Shah, MD

Nishaki Mehta, MD

Rachita Navara, MD

Shanta Chakrabarti, MD

Syamkumar M. Divakara Menon, MD

Tolga Aksu, MD