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Program Highlights

Heart Rhythm 2022 will convene 600+ of the finest clinicians, scientists, researchers, and innovators in the field of cardiac pacing and electrophysiology who will lead 200+ sessions about pacing, defibrillation, clinical arrhythmia management, ablation, pharmacology, genetics, basic science, health policy, and more.

Attendees will be able to choose sessions from 10 educational tracks:

  1. Allied Professionals Programming
  2. Basic/Translational Science Programming
  3. Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs) Programming
  4. Catheter Ablation Programming
  5. Clinical EP Programming
  6. Digital Health & Innovation Programming
  7. Health Policy Programming
  8. Heart Failure Programming
  9. Pediatrics & Adult Congenital Heart Disease Programming
  10. Practice Management Programming

Stay tuned for more information about educational programming.