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Satellite Symposia


Industry leaders will present an exciting lineup of certified and non-certified educational symposia for physicians, fellows-in-training, allied health professionals, and international attendees to supplement their Heart Rhythm 2024 experience.

These events have been independently developed and are not part of Heart Rhythm 2023 as planned by the Heart Rhythm Program Committee. These events are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Heart Rhythm Society.

Attendee Eligibility

These events are open to all in-person attendees; however, some programs may be geared toward specific audiences. See individual programs below.


Thursday, May 16

EP Fellows Symposium

PFA Live Case Summit

BIOTRONIK International Fellows Program at HRS: A Blood Flow Tour of Cardiac Anatomy

Chinese Session - A New Era of Pacing

The Present and Future of EP Practice 2024: The Cleveland Clinic Perspective

Strategies for LV Lead Implantation: Tips and Tricks

Next Era of Pacing: Right Patient, Right Therapy

Friday, May 17

Connecting Emergency Care to Electrophysiology: Developing Pathways for Atrial Fibrillation Management

Revolutionary Clinical Trials in Arrhythmia and LAA Management: Results and Impact on Practice

Innovations Across Multiple Energy Sources: Clinical Experience with Single Shot Pulseselect™ PFA And Affera™ Sphere-9™ Wide Area Focal PF/RF Catheters - A Look at the Advantages of the Latest Arctic Front™ Cryoablation Advancements in Clinical Practice

Medtronic HRS China Night 2024

EP Cases for the Real World

CCM® Evening at Heart Rhythm 2024

Cocktails and Conversations with inHEART Users: How Image-Guided Ablations are Transforming EP

Powering Hearts Beat to Beat: A Journey to Optimal Patient Outcomes

The After Party (at capacity)

Saturday, May 18

New Frontiers in Afib Detection and Management of Hypertensive Patients: Empowering Patients, Optimizing Clinical Practice, and Improving Care

Left Bundle Branch Area Pacing: Clinical Conundrums and Future Directions

Collaborative Workflows for Diagnostic AF Monitoring: The Specific Needs of Allied Health Professionals

Freedom to Treat All Pacemaker Patients with the AVEIR™ Family of Leadless Pacemakers

Conduction System Pacing: Where Are We In 2024?

BW China Night at Heart Rhythm 2024