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Additional Industry Education


Industry leaders will present an exciting lineup of certified and non-certified educational symposia for physicians, fellows-in-training, allied health professionals, and international attendees to supplement their Heart Rhythm 2023 experience.

These events have been independently developed and are not part of Heart Rhythm 2023 as planned by the Heart Rhythm Program Committee. These events are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Heart Rhythm Society.

Attendee Eligibility

These events are open to all in-person attendees; however, some programs may be geared toward specific audiences. See individual programs below.

Advance Registration

Advance registration varies by program. See individual programs below.

How to Attend/Watch

In-Person Only: Location varies by program. See individual programs below.


  • Industry Pre-Conference Education Day: Thursday, May 18, 2023 

  • Official Educational Satellite Symposia: Friday, May 19 - Saturday, May 20, 20223

Thursday, May 18

EP Fellows Symposium

The Symposium on Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: Advancements in Oral Anticoagulation Therapy and LAA Closure

The Present and Future of EP Practice: The Cleveland Clinic Perspective

Friday, May 19

A Body of Data at Our Fingertips: Merging Long-term ECG & Biometric Data for Comprehensive Care

Micra Lunch and Learn: The Leaders in Leadless – Pioneering What’s Possible

Optimal Strategies to Improve Care of the Asymptomatic and Untreated Arrhythmia Patient Population

Left Bundle Branch Area Pacing with the SelectSecure™ MRI SureScan™ Model 3830 Pacing Lead: A New Era for Conduction System Pacing

EP Cases for the Real World

Saturday, May 20

Challenges with the Masters: Approaches to Complex Intracardiac Tracings and Complex Ablations

HRS Fellows Lead Management Breakfast & Workshop

The Future of Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention: A Modular CRM (mCRM™) Discussion Featuring a Recorded Case from the MODULAR ATP Clinical Study

CCM® Evening at HRS 2023