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Hands-On Learning Fellows Courses


HRS is excited to offer exclusive hands-on learning opportunities for fellows-in-training. Sessions will explore cardiac anatomy, ablation biophysics, and cardiac mapping.

These Hands-On Fellows Courses are NOT approved for continuing education credit.

Attendee Eligibility

These sessions are limited to in-person physician- and scientist-in-training attendees only. 

How to Attend/Watch

In-Person Only: Hall D3 (access from Lobby D, Gate 10A), Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA


Please note: If you would like to attend a third hands-on session or you were not able to get into your preferred session(s), come to the hands-on session location 15 minutes prior to the session start time, and you may be able to participate on a space available basis. 

Friday, May 19: Cardiac Anatomy

Saturday, May 20: Ablation Biophysics

Sunday, May 21: Cardiac Mapping

The Hands-On Learning Fellows Courses are supported by Abbott and Biosense Webster.