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Heart Rhythm 2021 On Demand

Heart Rhythm 2021 On Demand presents more than 200 hours captured during Heart Rhythm 2021 in Boston, MA from July 28-31, 2021. This online bundle features the best of HRS-trusted science in a convenient on-demand format, including expert-led education, ground-breaking science, and much more.

Additional curated bundles available on HRS365 include:

Bundle Member Nonmember
Allied Professional Bundle $149 $249
Basic Translational Science Bundle $149 $249
Catheter Ablation Session Bundle $350 $475
CIEDS Session Bundle $350 $475
Digital Health (no CME) Bundle $75 $125
Health Policy Bundle $75 $125
Heart Failure Bundle $350 $475
Late-Breaking Clinical Trials Bundle $99 $199
Pediatrics and Adult Congenital Bundle $350 $475