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Credit Claiming for Heart Rhythm 2024

In-person and online attendees may claim up to 125 ACE (formerly CME) credits and MOC points upon completing the required Overall Meeting Evaluation. The deadline to claim credit for attending Heart Rhythm 2024 is December 31, 2024.

Methods for Flagging Sessions for Credit

Attendee Badge Beacon Technology (In-Person Only)

In-person attendees who wore their #HRS2024 name badge and the attached Beacon will find that sessions have been pre-populated into their Credit Claiming Portal. The Beacon noted any session for which you entered the meeting room and then tracked the duration of your stay to calculate the number of eligible credits that could be claimed in increments of 15 minutes or more.

Online Planner and/or Mobile App (In-Person & Online)

Attendees may also choose to flag sessions manually for credit within the Online Planner and Mobile App.

How to Claim Credit


1. Visit the Credit Claiming Portal and follow the steps below:

2. Complete your evaluations: 

  • Click the Overall Evaluation text link to complete the required Overall Meeting Evaluation. When finished, click Submit.
  • If claiming MOC, click the MOC Assessment text link to complete the optional MOC Assessment. When finished, click Submit.
  • OPTIONAL: Click the Session Evaluation text link to complete optional individual session evaluations.

3. View, download, and print your certificates.

  • Click the Accredited Continuing Education (ACE) Certificate text link.
  • Click the Certificate of Attendance text link to download a certificate of participation (not tied to credit).

4. Log in to the Online Planner and/or Mobile App using your HRS username and password. 

5. Find your sessions by browsing the program by day, time, category, or ACE credit availability. 

6. Add sessions for credits by clicking/tapping the credit claim ribbon in the upper right-hand corner of the session page.

7. Go to Credit Cart:

  • In the Online Planner, click My Experience My Credit > My Credit Cart
  • In the Mobile App, tap Credit on the home screen.

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