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Beware of Fraudulent Solicitations

Unauthorized Solicitations

Please be cautious of any messages, offers, or requests from sources NOT affiliated with the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) or official Heart Rhythm 2023 partners.

Several unauthorized companies are contacting attendees and exhibitors of Heart Rhythm 2023 via email and phone. These companies offer to assist with conference registration, hotel reservations, and other services such as mailing list sales for the upcoming meeting.

A few of these companies have set up websites to suggest their association with #HRS2023 and may even go so far as to have false titles like "HRS 2023" in their email signatures.

To avoid these scammers, please be aware of the red flags:

  • When registering in the official #HRS2023 Registration Portal via HeartRhythm.com, your single sign-on using your HRS Profile will automatically assign your registration type. If you are asked to select a registration type manually, you are on an unauthorized site.
  • If they ask you for your HRS login and password
  • If the suspicious website includes a disclaimer in small print in the page footer stating they are "not associated with HRS or Heart Rhythm 2023"
  • If they include a surcharge to register
  • If they ask you to pay via PayPal
  • If they claim to offer discounted hotel rates
  • If you are called to verify that you received proper rates for hotels and attempts are made to sell you a different hotel
  • If you are offered to purchase an HRS or #HRS2023 attendee list (HRS does NOT rent or sell member or customer data)

Official Heart Rhythm 2023 Website & Partners

Official Heart Rhythm 2023 partners include:

  • Showcare:Registration
  • Convention Management Resources (CMR): Housing reservations
  • International Group Housing (IGH): International group housing reservations

Registration and housing reservations should be made via links found on HeartRhythm.com only.

When using links on HeartRhythm.com, you must enter your HRS login and password; the system will auto-fill most of your contact information and present you with appropriate registration types.

HRS cannot guarantee attendance at Heart Rhythm 2023 if you use an unauthorized company.