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Heart Rhythm 2023 Volunteer Program

What is the #HRS2023 Volunteer Program? 

Through the #HRS2023 Volunteer Program, HRS is pleased to offer early-career individuals who cannot afford registration fees the opportunity to attend Heart Rhythm 2023 in New Orleans. 

HRS will carefully select a team of volunteers who will receive a minimum 50% discount on their Heart Rhythm 2023 registration* in exchange for assistance during sessions in New Orleans. Volunteers will be trained in session room technologies to assist presenting Faculty and speakers from around the world.

*Already registered? HRS will automatically refund the discounted portion of your registration fees if you are accepted into the Volunteer Program. If you are NOT registered when accepted, HRS will provide a discount code to apply your discounted registration during checkout.

What are the responsibilities of being a #HRS2023 Volunteer?

What are the benefits of being a #HRS2023 Volunteer?

Who is eligible to apply?

What is the application timeline?

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