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Health & Safety

HRS Meeting & Event Participation Policy

Effective November 21, 2022 — The following is subject to change at any time to reflect current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and to comply with all local and state restrictions for large in-person gatherings. Please visit this page regularly to stay up-to-date.

HRS no longer requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination to attend, exhibit, or otherwise be present at in-person HRS meetings or events.

However, the Society strongly encourages participants to follow guidance from the CDC to reduce COVID-19 infection and protect against severe complications. This guidance includes individuals 12 years old and up receiving the updated bivalent vaccine as soon as they are eligible (e.g., a minimum of two months past their last shot). For more information about COVID-19 boosters, please visit the CDC website.

Additionally, while masks are optional, participants are encouraged to wear masks during in-person HRS meetings and events.

HRS requests that participants not up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccinations take an at-home COVID-19 rapid antigen test before traveling to any in-person HRS meeting or event and stay home if they test positive or have any COVID-19 symptoms. While HRS will not require proof of these measures, the Society expects all participants to act responsibly and with consideration for the health and safety of others.

Disclaimer: HRS cannot be held liable for COVID-19 cases arising because of event attendance and will continue to require all participants to accept a Waiver and Acknowledgement of Personal Responsibility as part of the Terms & Conditions for attending any in-person HRS activity. The Heart Rhythm Society COVID-19 Meetings & Events Participation Policy is subject to change based on COVID-19 community levels and any updated guidance from CDC and/or federal or state officials in localities hosting an in-person HRS meeting or event. COVID-19 guidance is continually updated, and HRS appreciates the understanding of its stakeholders as it seeks to provide valuable, timely face-to-face programming while prioritizing the health and safety of attendees, exhibitors, staff, and vendors.

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