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Attendee Resources

Make the most of your Heart Rhythm 2023 experience! Browse the information below for everything you'll need to maximize your time in New Orleans and online.

Before the Meeting

March 6, 2023: Deadline to Withdraw Scientific Abstract Submissions
March 6, 2023: Extended Deadline to Submit Shark Tank 2023 Idea Submissions
March 20, 2023: Deadline to Apply for Volunteer Program
March 31, 2023: Deadline to Withdraw Late-Breaking Clinical Trials and Science Submissions
April 20, 2023: Deadline to Advance Register for Onsite Childcare
April 28, 2023: Deadline to Reserve Housing at HRS-Negotiated Rates

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Maintain Health & Safety

NEW! Register for Onsite Childcare by April 20

Book Your Hotel by April 28 to Save

Learn about New Orleans & the MCCNO

Pack for the Big Easy

Download the Mobile App: Available April 2023

Download Program PDF (Optional): Available May 2023

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During the Meeting

May 19-21, 2023: Heart Rhythm 2023 in New Orleans and Online

Tools to Navigate the Meeting

Livestreaming & On-Demand Sessions on #HRS2023 Online Platform

Live Session Q&A

Abstract Pavilion

Educational Program

Exhibit Hall & Industry Education

Join the #HRS2023 Fun

Shuttle Service

Luggage and Coat Check

After the Meeting

May 22, 2023: Heart Rhythm 2023 On Demand Available for Purchase on HRS365
December 31, 2023: Deadline to Claim Credit for Attending #HRS2023
December 31, 2023: #HRS2023 Online Platform Closes (On-Demand Access Ends)

Credit Claiming and Session Evaluations

Access to On-Demand Sessions

Heart Rhythm 2023 On Demand